Review of trends and transport sector innovations

To set up future scenarios and paradigm shifts in rail, Flex-Rail seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art of ideas, projects and innovations in transport. For this purpose, in WP2 (Work Package 2) a set of new relevant trends and transport sector innovations have been selected and analyzed based on a thorough literature review and expert opinion.

As a result, 40 key innovation themes have been identified, from 9 main thematic areas. Click on the logos below for an overview of the results of the FlexRail research activity, and access to all 40 factsheets on trends and transport sector innovations!

To gain a better understanding of their relevance and potential impact on the rail sector, each innovation theme is further evaluated with respect to:

  • • its relationship with the S2R MAAP research and innovation actions
  • • its implications for the rail subsystems, other modes and sectors and the barriers to overcome for uptake in rail,